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Hello everyone,

At last, it has worked for me ! The problem on mine came from the optic sensor. There was dust on it.

In 15 min, the problem was solved.

Unfortunately, it has needed to open the mouse, because the dust was directly on the sensor. But don’t panic, it is far more easy than described by ifixit.

Very easily actually.

* 1st of all, don’t try to unglue the alloy case from the plastic case nor the ultragliss black feet. It is complicated, long and totally useless.
* Use a plastic tool as it’s shown on step 6. Put it on both side of the mouse, between the lower case in alloy and the the white upper case of the mouse and it will be removed. There are only 4 clips, 2 by side. (Be kind with the clips, they doesn’t need a lot of torque to be removed)
* After, remove the 2 screw of the rear of the mouse, those with the metal bracket, and remove the connector of the white upper case.

To remove the motherbord :

* Remove the 4 screw of the front (3 + 1 with a metal spring),
* Remove the mother board and unplug the power connector.

To clean the sensor :

* on the motherbord, remove the 2 plastics parts that protect the sensor : one is transparent with 2 lens, the other is in grey with a little hole.





* Clean both
* Now you can access directly to the sensor. To clean it, prefer air. [br]

note : don’t touch it with finger or with cotton, it would be worst.

Now you can reassemble the mouse and try it. I hope it will work also for you.