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If your problem is anything like mine, it will work when you slide open your phone. Try sliding your phone open and pressing that return button under the backspace. If you are able to scroll up and down your recent call list this may work for you. Just a heads up it does not work every time, but when it does it allows you to access your texting inbox and read/reply to texts (using the crappy keyboard) Okay hit the call end button so you are back at your home screen. Now, on the side of your phone, there is a button above the volume controls. Slide open your phone and hit that button. It will give you the option of "messaging." Try playing with the way you hit the screen, for example slide your finger up after pressing firmly on the image you want. If it does open, you can then read and respond to texts! Hope this works for you! Like I said, it's not a realistic permanent fix, but until you get a new phone it should work!