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Capacitor Values of Tegra X1


Hello Everyone,

for fun and to learn a bit more about micro soldering, I bought a broken Nintendo Switch Lite on eBay.

After dissembling it, I noticed that two capacitors on the Tegra X1 CPU Chip, are broken.

the caps I am talking about are visible in this screenshot circled in red


here is a picture which shows the position in total


based on the description on eBay the person tried to install an SX Lite Mod and after the console fell down, it did not work anymore, so they removed the SX Lite again.

From what I can see, the console overall looks okay, the battery voltage is a bit low, but I assume because of the faulty CPU, Power Management is not working at all, so I wanted to first replace the two broken capacitors to check if that might fixes it.

Could anyone tell me what the values of these capacitors are, so I can order replacements?

Thanks in advance.


Nintendo Switch Lite