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dv582h movie format help


I got an LG dv582h from a garage sale and I came home discovering it has a broken disc drive, so I’m trying to load movies onto a USB flash drive, but I can’t figure out the dumb formatting of it, I tried using the divx converter program on my laptop but every time i try the program just closes, even if I reinstall the program, the only movie I got working is San Andreas  (avi file) yet all my other files no matter if they are avi or mp4 or whatever I can’t get it to work, and the LG website doesn’t give me ALL of the video info that works (like fps, resolution etcetera,) may I ask for the full info so I know what to change in all my movies

if you want to try converting it yourself i’d be happy to send you the files.

please help me out as this is literately driving me insane to the point where i’m about to put a hammer through it if i don’t make any progress



LG BP220