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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Sasa Raca ,


Hi to All that have the same problem. In most cases problem is that LED stripes are unsoldered from connectors. Carefully disassemble the screen and 2 Stripes are at the bottom of the screen. Be really careful when you try to disconnect cables from LED stripes and later take stripes to mobile phone service or try to do it your self, but they have a microscope with small iron blade soldiers and can connect them properly. This will restore your LED stripes to working conditions in 90% of cases. But for the future, buy some new LED stripes from AliExpress and replace them. I have 2 screens and on both, I needed to solder LED after some time. And they are still working. Just be very careful when you disassemble the screen and record which part goes where. Make photos to record procedures. Best regards Sasha