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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Michael Yee ,


I struggled to get the metal grate off with a sewing needle. I disconnected the ear buds from all devices and uninstalled them so that they weren’t “on”. I ended up lightly soaking a tissue in 2% hydrogen peroxide (you could also take a dropper) and then allowing some drops to fall onto the metal grate, waiting 10 seconds, then rubbing the metal grate with the wet tissue, shaking the ear bud gently, and repeating about 5 times. Waited until the ear buds were dry, wiped them with a dry tissue again, and it worked!

I agree with everyone, I think ear wax builds up behind the grate. Hydrogen peroxide breaks up/dissolves ear wax. Just be careful not to soak the earbud, otherwise you’ll permanently damage it.