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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Gary Holstein ,


My phone started this about three years ago.  Internet search found it’s a common problem with the Turbo 2.  Port is poorly soldered to the board.  Found a company that could repair it.  They even had a YouTube video of him doing the repair.  Then I found the the phone has an inductive charger, so I’ve been using it ever since.  I recently had to replace the battery.  Thought while I was in there I’d solder those connections myself.  That’s when I realized why he was using a video microscope.  The connections are tiny.  There are five of them in a row and they are all in about a 3/8 inch space.  I had to put on a pair of reading classes and look through the lighted magnifying glass I have mounted on my desk.  I didn’t have a soldering tip small enough.  In fact I’ve never seen one small enough so I wired a needle to the tip and went at it.  The needle just wouldn’t transfer enough heat to melt the solder so I gave up and finished the battery install.