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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Boyd Lewis ,


I would try the thermal fuse first. Located behind the bottom kick plate. Use an ohm-meter if you know how. Just replace it if you do not. They’re cheap. UNPLUG THE DRYER FIRST. 4 quarter-inch screws, and there it is - mounted right on the vent pipe. There is always the possibility that the main control, or user interface needs to be replaced. But WPL part number 3392519 is the cheapest and easiest thing to try first - especially if you are going for a DIY repair. With that said*** On some/most models, that fuse being blown would still allow the lights on the display to turn on. It normally just won't let you start the cycle. Some models behave differently though, and kill power to the controls.

If that doesn’t do it….Next thing to do would be to disconnect the User Interface from the main control board. Blow all of the dust out of the connectors and use some dielectric grease on them. Google that if you need to:) Reconnect and try that.


Still no luck? New dryer time. Unless you can find replacement boards online for cheap - which is doubtful. Especially in the Covid supply-chain that we find ourselves in. Good Luck!