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Hello Jake - as mentioned above, the iPhones display is paired to the motherboard, amongst other components, such as the screen, battery, vibrator, FaceID. If you replace the screen it will display the ‘unable to verify that this iPhone has a genuine display message’, as each screen is electronically paired (every major part of an iPhone has its own serial number). There is ways of reprogramming the screen using products for example like JC (Hugh Jeffreys has a video on YouTube about them), however they usually cost $100-200+ for the reprogrammer.

I would recommend that you just ignore the message. From what I have seen online it only really pops up when it has been reset, or on settings; and other than disabling True Tone should function fine. OEM screens appear to be the best choice, and as it is LCD they aren’t usually too much more than high quality aftermarket screens.

You could also consider paying a company that has the skills and equipment to do a glass only screen refurbishment - where they use the original LCD panel and only replace the glass - this is a hard job and will cost a fair bit but should avoid the message, and you will have an original LCD panel?

Hope this helps!