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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Rebecca g ,


Two pairs of ear buds both with sound issues, tried software updates etc… even sent to samsung, they came back and said $120 to fix. Actually replaced a pair too. But didnt want to replace another.

I then clean rubber with iso and cotton tip and dried. Then cleaned metal grill turned on its side with iso soaked cotton tip and dried, i then got a mini air compressor, handheld, with fine tip and turned ear bud on angle and cleaned grill up close and watched the dried wax get pushed out of grill to outside of tip. Do on angle so u dont   push wax into earbud. Clean again with iso tip and dry. Wait 5 mins and test. Super LOUD!! fixed.

Samsung earbuds push into your ears so you need to clean them monthly if you use them every day. My boys were using them for 5 hours a day lol..

Problem solved!! If battery working, and slight sound, software good and bluetooth connection ok, then this is most likely the problem. Even samsung wont tell you this!!

Good luck! :) bec