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Hard Reset my Galaxy Note 8 lost my Pass. for reg & google lockscreen.



Hi! I had just bought a Samsung note8 off of someone. And I did the hard reset and its asking me for the gmail address. Which I don't have, I've been tryin for weeks now, an still havent been able to get ahold of the person I had bought it from. If someone could please help I'd be extremely appreciative. I had been saving for months to get this phone an I'm so upset that I'm still unable to use it. If someone knows of a way to bypass, temporarily able 2 disable & let me put in my gmail, or jus completely delete the gma & Samsung account could u PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME OUT!! Please contact me or send detailed instructions to my email account. I'd b incredibly grateful! An if you could put FOR THE SUBJECT: GALAXY NOTE 8 GMAIL PASS. DELETE. Thanks again to anyone willing to help me out with all this! HAPPY NEW YEARS EVER1! Hopefully 2021 is way better then 2020 n that we finally get a handle on all the COVID junk!

My email: lost.in.my.wonderland.89@gmail.com

Thanks again,

Miss Courtney :o)


Samsung Galaxy Note8