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Here’s the guide which you’ll need to follow to install it [guide|136306] its a bit of work! Make sure you follow the guide and use the correct tools as you can damage your system very easily if you don’t.

Maxing out to 32GB may not be the best direction. I would go with 16GB on an i3 system as your systems performance won’t be much better with 32GB.

* '''260-pin PC4-19200 (Core i3)''' PC4-21300 (2666 MHz) (Core i5/i7) DDR4 SO-DIMM

I would look at upgrading the storage if your system has a PCIe/NVMe blade drive slot I would boost it to 500GB at least.


If you only have a SATA drive’d system I would replace the slow 2.5” HDD to a much faster SSD! [guide|136234]