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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Samantha Fung ,


The worst customer service ever! My beats x headphones that I purchased in 2018 don’t work anymore. They still charge but they won’t turn on. I contacted beats by dr on Facebook messenger and they said the exact same thing you guys are saying. [br]

“Thanks! We can set up a mail in service where the Beats are sent to Apple, then we send the replacement back to you.

According to this link here https://beats.is/3aVvBf8 the cost to set that up for Beats X would be $ 105 plus local taxes and $ 10.77 shipping. The replacement Beats would come with a 90 days limited warranty.”

total bullshit as the price of the beats were $119.99, they’re just asking for more money. Why isn’t their customer service better and why don’t they back up their products with free replacements like Amazon usually does. [br]

that’s my rant for the day. Just as angry as all of you guys! Thanks for listening