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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Andrei Andone ,


my xbox one s controller was doing the same. i have disassembled the not working and the working controller and swapped the motherboards, the problem it's with the top one with the guide button. i have measured everything and compared and not finding anything different, all resistors and  capacitor have the same value. But if I hold down the guide button the controller is working normally'''.  I have find a temporary solution!'''  I have soldered an resistance  between pin TP33/C11 (mid right of central PCB connector block) , also you can short the pins. The controller is turning on normal and is working, but if you turn of the controller or the console you can't turn on the controller back (to solve this, just disconnect the battery from controller and you are good to go)! Every time you turn off you have to disconnect the battery!!