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How can I remove a S-Pen that has been stuck in the device?


I dropped my phone the day my protective case came in the mail, as I was on my way to get the mail (a couple days after receiving my Note 10+ as a long-awaited replacement for another broken phone.)

Since then, my S-Pen has been stuck in the S-Pen slot, and does not “click” and pop out.  There is a slight dent in the S-Pen Slot, but after a little bit of light force to bend it back in place to the point that using my 60x lighted handheld loupe I  strongly believe the S-Pen should probably be able to escape and that the blockage is coming from further within the S-Pen compartment.[br]

My concern is that the battery in the S-Pen itself, or some aspect of the phone underneath the wireless charger is out of whack. After reviewing your Note 10+ information, and anything I could find on youtube, I did not see anything about how to safely remove the S-Pen’s wireless charger, so that you could then dislodge the S-Pen itself.

With back glass and adhesive being fairly inexpensive I don’t mind popping off the glass at the risk of damaging that to try to get it out, but I don’t want to start digging around without a better idea of how to do it properly.


Samsung Galaxy Note10