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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Moe McLeod ,


Yup, taking off the silver mesh was the key for me too. I kept doing all the recommendations related to the Galaxy Wearable app, phone settings, ear bud settings. I kept thinking it was a software or digital issue. Turned out to be something with the silver mesh.

It was weird trying to get it off. I followed the advice of others and used a thin needle to remove. The needle head barely fits into the mesh, but if you try and turn it left or right (as if you are trying to unscrew it) then you’ll how it sits on the ear bud.

Once I removed the mesh I blew into and into the ear bud without the mesh. But that didn’t work. Did that several times with no luck. BTW, even with the mesh part off, the volume was still low on the right ear bud. So I was about to give up, but when I had put it back on, it was louder.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what actually made it work. Because each time I took the mesh piece off, I would clean it with alcohol and blow into the mesh and the ear bud without the mesh. None of that seemed to be the issue. Perhaps just the act of taking off the mesh and putting it back on dislodged whatever was creating the issue????