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'''++ABSOLUTELY!++''' In fact, I’m posting right now from one.

I’ve run a Mac repair shop for 18 years and back in the day, these 67xx cards were EXPENSIVE, not to mention, they were unreliable and failed all the time.

Because I had such a surplus of 2008-2010 iMac parts, I started experimenting with different cards and after running an HD4850 in a mid-2011 iMac for 4 months (with NO ISSUES WHATSOEVER), I started offering these replacements to our customers.

I would tell them:

''“You can buy this $540 replacement from _________  supplier, I’ll install it for $100 and cross your fingers that it doesn’t fail after your 1-year warranty expires… '''OR''' you can just give me $250 and I’ll throw in this HD4850 and we be done with all this nonsense”''