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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: duke.jeffrey78 ,


Mine did the same thing no text or talls but just fine internet not wifi in a friends home who had the same carrier but no issues? I figured out changing network LGE/4g/3g to a lesser communication network or switching it up was only way to get or receive calls and texts but was still unable to figure out why nor could i figure one network that stayed working in her home just for some reason, no one could answer after many calls and trips to my carriers store, i had to keep switchin up my network conection to use my phone in this home or even close to it , i began to think she had something in her home that caused the issuse , a scrambler or phone blocker that a tweeker may use tripping about phones in their home , i nor anyone on my carriers troubleshot line or in the store never could figure out just what it was