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MacBook Pro 16” Liquid damage, still working perfectly, apart screen


Hi everyone,

My MacBook Pro got water damaged more than a month ago,

Everything is still working perfectly, apart the screen that got some bleed on the right side of the screen and a black strap with many colored lines( sometimes it flicker). I run diagnostic, result, no issue found.

I went to apple store to see what are my repair option. They also run diagnostic without finding any issue.

Just screen replacement cost 1000$, I accepted the quote, and asked if they could check if any other issue or corrosion across the logic board and the entire laptop.

after they opened it, and been told firstly they took it completely apart, I got a call saying they found some corrosion on the logic board itself, the I/O board, the Touch ID, Battery, and top case/screen.

they suggested to think about , and do not recommend to fix it, because  even if is working perfectly now, overtime (could be two days, two weeks, two years)the machine it may fail, or not power up at all, also , there is the risk while they replace the screen, after disconnect some connector or something, could happen that the machine will not power up,(after they took it apart? And they disconnected already so many connectors??so after they corrected saying they opened it)  obviously if this happen is my responsibility.  If I want the logic board replaced, it will cost me same as the price of a MacBook Pro brand new. Also they said, they tried to clean up the corrosion and debris, still risky, and the amount for the screen replacements is so much for the low reliability.

‘We agreed that tomorrow I will be called from the technician that worked on it, and will explain better and tell me what are my options.

I feel Apple is not 100% honest with me.

Meantime, I’ve been in contact with a repair shop that does liquid damage repair, with many good reviews,  they suggested me that if is working perfectly, to get the screen replaced. And if any problem on the motherboards they could fix it.

I’m a bit confused and I’m not sure what to do?

any suggestion? I feel to risk it, and get to screen replaced, and keep using an amazing laptop.

Thank you in advance!


MacBook Pro 16" 2019