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'''They are both are correct!'''

The question I ask first is what was the liquid  that was spilled. As that sets the what the future holds.

Tap & spring water has lots of minerals dissolved within it so as at the H2O evaporates it leaves a film of these solids which can cause corrosion! If you had spilled distilled water then when it evaporates it does so cleanly!

Coffee, tea & juices all have acids and sugars as well which can also cause corrosion either directly or indirectly as the sugar offers a great food source for bacteria & fungus which spit out corrosive stuff.

So now the question! Do you play Russian Roulette? If you have a six shutter with one bullet Vs a submachine gun with one bullet, your odds change or do they? As long as the first six chambers are empty in the submachine gun then the submachine gun has better odds of not blowing your head off.

So this is where the risk factor of what is left on your logic board and if it is properly cleaned off before further damage happens. Then you need to look at the skills and cost of properly cleaning things Vs taking the gamble of leaving things as they are.