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Cinema 30" often won't wake from sleep, occasin turns off or flickers


I have a pair of ACD 30” displays, one hooked up to an eGPU DL-DVI and one to a DVI->DP adaptor hooked to the same eGPU.

They both work great most of the time. However, both do have some issues. They smell like ecap plague to me, and I’m wondering if anyone knows what part would likely be responsible. I could just buy another one, they’re $100-150 around here, but I hate throwing out nice things when a little bitty widget inside of them breaks.

The problems:

1) Both of them, if I let them go to sleep, will often (say 25% for the better and 50% for the worse) just not wake up again until I remove power and then plug them back in. Occasionally one will shut off again almost instantly after being re-plugged, and I have to do it again. As a result of this, I unplug them at night, although there’s no evidence that this is any better than just unplugging and replugging in the morning.

2) The worse one will, a bit less than once a day on average,, shut off at random while I’m using it. Usually unplugging it and re-plugging it makes it work fine again but occasionally I have to do that more than once. The ‘good’ one has done this once or twice in the last say six months, seldom enough to surprise me when it happens.

3) The worse one will occasionally, instead of the above, just start turning off and then on again, two to three times per second. Not super fast. Just a steady blink-on blink-off blink-on. Again, if I unplug and replug, it’s generally fine, and if not, doing so twice fixes it.

Like I said, this smells of bad capacitors, but I am just not a good enough technician to strip the whole thing down and unsolder and resolder all the ecaps, even if they are some of the more macro components of these beasts. Can anyone tell me what part I probably need to replace?

I wish I could find a 27- to 30-inch monitor that was anywhere near as nice as these things at under $3000. I went through four monitors before I settled on these, because none of them had the wide viewing angle, low-light/low-brightness performance, and responsiveness that I need: my vision isn’t stellar so I need all the help I can get.


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