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Thank’s for asking, and have great expectation from me. Unfortunately, I’m the only user of 2 Hp Z1 and I had a problem the screen suddenly become darker on one side. After I buy a new one a few years ago on eBay and replaced it, after 2-3 years the same thing happens. I did not throw away the old one and decide to make one working from two that I had. We changed the good one to be in one panel and we have seen that on Bad some wires are disconnected. My friend takes them to Mobilephone repair shop and they properly solder them. Last year I both another HP Z1 for pennies since the screen did not work! And I have replaced the panel with a fixed one, and Miracles appear. The screen is working perfectly and it still works. In the meantime, I have found on Aliexpress that I can buy new LED stripes and don’t need to solder them.

My suggestion is to clean all connections on your screen. Try first with a vacuum cleaner, Use also gentile brush like one from your girlfriend for makeup or compresed air but not strong blow. This will remove dust that maybe is the reason for your problem. In most cases, people don’t clean PC ever. If this doesn’t help use Contact spray and watch that is not draining all ower screen. Use paper tissue on the opposite side to pick up liquid. Live overnight to evaporate and then plug the screen to the power and turn it on. Be sure that you do this when the screen is UNPlague from power and PC. Always live for few hours to discharge and then do the cleaning procedure. If this not help then something else is the problem and you might need to change the display. Hope this will help, and do this when you decide that your screen has “no pulse” and you consider that need reanimation.

Hope this will help!