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I'm surprised your direct view of your own video image from the FaceTime camera is so bad. See if the Photo Booth app your system has in the application folder is any better.

If not then your system is likely in CPU safe mode which is when your SMC logic detects a problem! Basically it lowers the CPU's clocking and ramps up the fan.

Lets see if you get an error running the onboard diagnostics. Restart your system and press the '''D''' key did you get any errors?

Reference: [https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201255|Mac startup key combinations]

As far as adding a GPU you shouldn’t need it, you would need an external GPU and I promise you no one is doing that for Zoom calls. The background image really doesn’t effect things (green screen).

If your system doesn’t come back with an error I would look at reducing you drive of stuff as you maybe running out of storage space, in this case preventing your apps access to virtual RAM.