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From what you are describing it may be one of the following:

# Bad connection of the LCD cable. Did you try disconecting it and reconecting it?
# Bad LCD panel. It may of have been defective from the start, or damaged in shipping or during the repair process.
# Pry damage of a component near the display connector on the motherboard. This one is easy to make and hard to repair. If you have any way to magnify your view, have a carefull look at the components near the connector. If one was accidently pried off you will see 2 solder pads with the solder that appears rough and ruggged. If so that components need to be reinstalled. Be carfull, there are often No Stuff pads. Which are pads that never had anything installed on them in the first place. You can tell those appart when looking at them, the solder will be round and puffy vs rough and rugged.

The nice thing about pixel screen replacement is that you don’t need to access the full motherboard to replace the screen, which really limits the potetial problem areas.

Hope this help ( I would not be too worried about static discharge problem, and it very rarely an issue)