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I does work! The IPod that is.  My daughter put her IPod in her hand bag with a bottle of drinking water.  Needless to say the cap was not secured on tight and you can guess what happen?  When I tried powering up the iPod:  total unstablility!  The iPod did everything but function correctly.  So I remember reading An article about electronics and dropping them into water and placing them into rice because rice absorbs water.  I gave it a try but with my age I forgot it was in a can of rice for almost two years.  Which was probably a good thing except if your young and impatient and in need of your music now!  Needless to say after two years of sitting in rice the iPod booted fine with no problems after a good charge. Oh yes I might add I did get my daughter a cheaper mp-3 to use in the mean time just to teach her a lesson:)