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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Lars Olafsson ,



I live in Denmark and want to buy my Ipad in the US to save a bit of money, since i have a friend living there.

I was wondering which of the types i should get, the AT&T or Verizon? Do both of them have a micro sim slot? And are they locked to the carrier?

As far as i understand, we use different networks in Denmark for 4G/LTE, so it will not work with 4G, even the iPad sold in Denmark, does not work with the 4G/LTE in Denmark. So that is really not that important. But which of the two do you think will have the best chance to work with 4G/LTE in Europe, if you know anything about the networks and 4G/LTE implemented across Europe?

For me it seems AT&T would be the best choice since it runs on 2 frequency's for LTE? and as far as i know CDMA is only used in USA?