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Helen, it is possible that you need a new battery. They are of course available at multiple places [http://www.batteryship.com/htmlos/htmlos.cgi/batteryship/catalog.html?item=F650010252&model=TomTom+One|like this]. You can find the instructions [http://leisure.prior-it.co.uk/how-to-replace-tomtom-battery.shtml|right here.] The very first thing I would try is to reset the TomTom.  The reset button is a small hole on the bottom of the unit near the SD Card slot. Use a pin or paper clip and press it in. [http://download.tomtom.com/open/manuals/one/refman/3_EN_US/TomTomONE_manual.htm|Here is] the online manual for your TomTom. Hope this helps, good luck.