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Apple seems to continue their practice of creating very aesthetically pleasing devices that are extremely sensitive to use.  I see so many iPod Nano's with chipped and scratched cases or functional problems.  The 6th generation is the worst.  There are so many reports of dead screens or unresponsive controls.  For the price you pay, Apple should provide a more robust product.

But no, that would cut into Apple's profit margin which, as most people know today is in the upper crust of the Fortune 100.  This is why.  Apple deceives the public intentionally.  They convince so many people to get onto Apple Care, so they can replace all of these problems silently, leaving the general public unaware of just how problematic their iPod products are.  It's such a shame.  It doesn't need to be this way.  But Apple is more concerned about maximizing profits now.  So much for the "counter culture" company that they've tried to make themselves to be (remember that 1984 Olympics commercial?).