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Ursprünglicher Beitrag von: Solon Kailis ,


Steps that I took to retrieve my 4th Generation iPod photo

with a 1416 error.

1. Charge the iPod to half on the wall charger

2. Open Terminal. Type     diskutil list

3. Try and find your iPod

4. Type fdisk -e /dev/youriPod

5. Press 'y' to intitialise the partition table

6. Type    edit 1

7. Type    ?    to get a list of the format codes

8. Type the code for say 'Fat-32' windows or HFS 'Mac'. Hit return

9. Don't edit in CHS mode

10.Type 63.   Hit return

11.Type the end sector of iPod memory.   Hit return

12.Type    flag 1      Hit return

13.Type    update      Hit return

14.Type    write       Hit return

15.Type    quit        Hit return

16.Type       diskutil list   (you should now see your iPod unmounted)

17.Type       sudo diskutil mountDisk /dev/yourneweriPod    (i.e. the bottom identifier)

18.Open Disk utility and format the iPod to the format you had chosen in step eight(8)

19.Run First Aid on the iPod (Mac) or chkdisk on the iPod (Windows) and clear any sector errors

20.Wipe the entire hard drive of any files or folders (Manually)

21.Restore the iPod