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MacHale Enterprises

Apple Macintosh sales and service professionally since 1984. I also help people find repair solutions on iFixit since 2010 as user Mayer.

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Self employed contract worker

Work for a few companies as their in-house hardware & network support.

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Réparation iPhone, iPod, iPad. Mise en service et dépannage produit Apple

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Refectio - Mail-in Micro-Soldering Repairs & Data Recovery

The Canadian specialist in micro soldering, data recovery & water damage repairs of iPhone's, iPad's, Mac's & PC's Flash Drives & USB Drives as well as all...

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iMedic Phone Repairs

Helping people fix their phones, they way they want to

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iCenter SARL

Wholesale & Retail | Repair & Sales | Mac, PC, Smartphones, and Tablets.

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We love helping others repair their stuff! We specialize in game console repair education.

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iPad Rehab--Microsoldering, Mail-in Repair, Data Recovery

We are the microsoldering experts! We do board-level repairs on mobile devices and data recovery. Our customers are mostly other repair shops that prefer...

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Phone repair company, mainly specialises in iPhones, but repairs many other brands and types of devices. Will always put the customer first.

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My Iphone Rehab

Specializing in Microsoldering repairs like Touch Disease, Ghost Touch, Searching (No Service), Not powering on, No Back-light, Not Charging (Fake Charging)...

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Marceco LTd/Universal Wireless

Mobile device repair and sales

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Tech Haus

Small Mobile and computer repair business.

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The Repair Genius

Fixing everything that has a problem. Working to keep technology running in your hands, and out of the garbage.

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Professor C's E-repair and Upgrade Service

Upgrading Chromebooks for higher performance and power user applications.

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The Bookyard

Apple spares and repairs UK.

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smartphone repair shop / bar

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Nous effectuons principalement des réparations au niveau du carte mere sur des produits Apple.

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Wireless & smart device repairs & accessory sales in Auckand, New Zealand. https://smashedit.co.nz

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Repair shop for your Phones/Tablets. Specialists with Apple products.

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IT consultation and repair.

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Gelvin Enterprises, LLC

Computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone repair shop and consulting

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Mad Motors LLC

Automotive, Electronics, Small Motor & Appliance repair and Right to Repair Advocate in the state of Alabama

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ubreakifix corporate-orlando

Professional Smartphone Repair! Nationwide Repair Services for iPhone, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG & Blackberry.

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Experimax Coon Rapids

You can search far and wide, but you won’t find another company like us. We might be global, but when you walk into Experimax in Coon Rapids, MN, you're...

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Techy Girl Repairs

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Pickle IT

We fix all types of devices from laptops to tablets and phones. We fix game consoles and TVs too.

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CPR Cell Phone Repair Billings 24th St

CPR Cell Phone Repair Billings 24th St specializes in cell phone, tablet, computer and game console repair. We pride ourselves on top quality parts, work,...

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TCRS Circuit

We specialize in component level logic board repair of MacBooks. We work with other repair shops that look to outsource, and with end users that wish to use...

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Trio Mac Repair is the nationwide leader in MacBook water damage repair, repairing 20 -30 units weekly. In over your head on a MacBook repair? Give us a...

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Computer Repair Service for Mac or Pcs, Laptops or desktops or Custom Builds.

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Mobile Device Repair Factory

We provide affordable and convenient consumer electronic repairs on-site for people throughout the DMV area. No matter what's wrong with your mobile device,...

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BrainWave Computers

Fixing the world! One device at a time!

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IT support for small & medium size businesses. Specialize in Apple's, Synology's systems and more.

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Device Savers

Device Savers fixes everything from tablets to phones, drones to go pro cameras. We specialize in all forms of consumer electronics and professional...

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Australia's Leading iPhone and iPad Repair Company

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Expert PC

We offer computer and electronics repair services and are now an Authorized RadioShack Dealer!

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"Specializing in Apple Products and all things tech"

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Frey Technology

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Huron Computer Services LLC

We are a computer repair company in St. Clair Michigan.

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The Repair Academy

Professionnal repair training center in Toulouse, France. Great quality, very fast, reliable and warm welcoming! Expert microsoldering.

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