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GiggleMug Productions, Tippah County Networking Services, Northeast Mississippi Networking Services

We are a repair/refurbish shop that also specializes in network design and managment. We also handle POE+ surveilence camera install/setup, custom rig design/builds and make a mean stack of waffles.


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Taking electronics apart seemed like a right of passage growing up. Unfortunately, my dad did not agree after walking in to see his stereo in pieces on my bedroom floor. After rescuing the GIJoe's weapon from inside the VCR and realigning the stereo FM band needle I moved on to my first computer, which he found on the road side. It may have been someone else's junk but it was the ultimate treasure and challenge for me at age 15. I rebuilt my first computer later that following year and haven't looked back since.

Keeping up with technology and finding new challenges has kept me in this field for over 25 years. Did I mention the awesome stack of waffles I can whip up?