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ZCustoms and repair

I build custom pcs for certain budgets and requirements, fix pcs that are having issues, upgrade pcs and service pcs.

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After growing up and teaching myself and others about computers, I wanted to teach others and be able to do more with my knowledge. I will happily share my knowledge with anyone willing to listen.

If you would like a custom pc built for you, with very specific specifications, or with certain requirements in mind such as for gaming or a media centre, along with a budget, I can do it for you. Or perhaps you know what parts you want but don't know how to put it together, or you're not sure about the compatibility. I can do it for you and explain why I've done certain steps so that you know what your computer does and is designed for.

If you're having issues with your computer, be it hardware or software, I can repair these issues for you as well as provide you with advice on how to avoid these issues occurring again.