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BBL Cell Phone Repair

Repairing phones and electronics to save people money, so they don't have to replace or overpay with the other guys.

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Located in the Boone, NC area, I strive to be the best priced and friendly phone and gadget repair guy in the area. I keep it small so I can keep overhead down, that way the prices are probably the best around. I started out tinkering with fixing iPods, iPhones etc.. Then I started fixing friends and family's phones to help them out. I enjoyed fixing these gadgets so much, I figured why not help out everyone I can keep the device they love without paying crazy costs to fix it or replace it. I don't keep parts on hand at the moment to keep repair costs lower, but the money you save is worth it. After you send me the info about the phone: what happened to it, make of the phone, model #, color, what carrier it's with,and picture of you can. Just put that in an email to BBLCellRepair@hotmail.com and I'll send you a free quote within 1-2 business days.