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Handi-Man Phone Device & Computer Repair

We make it possible to keep your cell phone, tablet, laptop or computer rather than replace it because of some absurd repair fee.

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Handi-Man Phone Device & Computer Repair was started by an individual that was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident in 1992. This business is intended to enable disabled individuals with the proper technical skills to maintain their independence and not be subject to Social Security Disability and the low quality of life that comes from not working. The owner Eddie Anderson has twenty years computer repair experience as well as television and laptop repair. A college graduate as well as an ITT Tech graduate Eddie feels that electronic repair has become mostly unaffordable for the average consumer. Most companies make it more cost effective to just scrap an item than repair it. Handi-Man Phone Device & Computer Repair will make keeping your favorite device possible without paying an exorbitant repair fee. Handi-Man has one other employee also disabled but would like to hire more disabled individuals in time. Free repairs are available for individuals in school or on fixed incomes.ifixit_self-repair_manifesto_11x17.pdf