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Giraffe Systems

We specialize in PC, Mac, & iPhone repair. We work with both commercial & residential clients, and yes, we make house calls!

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I'm Jacob Nelson. I have 12 years of experience with computer repair and networking. I have an AAS from Dakota College in Network Engineering. I am an IT consultant for about a dozen local businesses here in Bottineau. Several years ago I saw the need for computer technical support. It was essentially nonexistent here! I have decided to step up and be that person to provide the best service possible.

I'm currently employed at Dakota College at Bottineau as a full time computer technician & webmaster. Giraffe Systems is my way to provide my services to the community. If you’re a business or just a consumer, I can help you with your computer needs. Please check out the rest of my website, and if you need help right away; call me on my personal cell phone at 701-389-2216.