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MacSuperstore - San Luis Obispo

The first MacSuperstore location. Opened in 1998, right about the time Steve Jobs brought the iMac into this world. Morphing from HiQ Solutions, a consulting company serving local Mac users since 1990. The goal was to provide the Central Coast with a...

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We are all about local. Locally owned and operated by SLO native, Shane Williams, from day one. Although staff changes over time, our core business principles and tactics remain solid. As the industry changes, we continue to bring new and innovative products to the SLO market, while maintaining a small-town relationship with our customers.

MacSuperstore has grown recently into a small family of stores. With locations also in Monterey (Seaside), Santa Barbara and Colorado Springs, CO. Opportunities in those markets opened up and we are excited about being involved in those communities as well.