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Background and Identification

The Hover-1 Folding eScooter is an electronically powered scooter that is used for personal transportation. It travels up to 13.6 mph and up to a distance of 6.8 miles; all while supporting up to 264 pounds.

This eScooter is the second edition from Hover-1 and came to market in 2018. The model number is HY-L5 and can be identified from the 2017 model by larger LED strip on the front of the handlebar and by the rectangular folding joint. You can identify this eScooter from other brands by the larger Hover-1 logo on the deck of the board along with its all black exterior.


For additional help, refer to the Hover-1 Folding eScooter Troubleshooting Page .

Additional Information

Hover- 1 Folding eScooter Specs

Hover-1 Folding eScooter Manual

Hover-1 Folding eScooter Review

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