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Refer to the Pioneer Elite Smart Speaker F4 Troubleshooting page if you are having any problems with your Pioneer Elite Smart Speaker F4

Background and Identification

The Pioneer Elite Smart Speaker F4 (VA-FW40) is Pioneer’s latest and only smart speaker that was released in October 2017. The speaker offers a variety of features, including Amazon Alexa Voice Service and DTS Play-Fi multi-room technology. The speaker can also be easily used for home integration through compatible smart devices, which allows the Amazon Alexa Voice Service to voice-automate home appliances. The Play-Fi technology in the Elite Smart Speaker F4 allows for users to sync other certified Play-Fi devices with one another to wirelessly stream audio in any room.

In addition to the F4’s smart features, the speaker also boasts awesome sound quality with dual 2.5” woofers with dual 2.5” passive bass radiators perfect for audiophiles and average users. The F4 also allows for easy connectivity, featuring an auxiliary audio input for connecting phones and tablets and a line output that allows for the speaker to connect to an external sound system.

The Pioneer Elite Smart Speaker F4 can be easily identified by finding the model number (VA-FW40) underneath the speaker. In addition, the speaker has distinguishable features such as black color, a light interface, and the word “ELITE” printed on the top of the speaker. It has a width of 6.6 in., height of 7.9 in., depth of 4.2 in., and weight of 3.53 lbs.

Additional Information

Pioneer Instruction Manual

Pioneer Overview of the VA-FW40

Customer Reviews from Amazon Website

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