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The RCA RCR8622 is a dual radio alarm clock that is manufactured by RCA. It has a protective case that encircles it. This case can be used to hold decorative fashion wraps. This radio alarm clock itself has a FM and AM radio functionality , as well as snooze and sleep settings. The RCA also has a line-in audio port for listening to music on mobile devices. This is all run with 2 AA Batteries.

Features of the device:

  • Line-in audio
  • USB Charging Port
  • FM and AM channels
  • Protective Casing
  • Dimensions:
    1. Screen :H: 1.375 W: 1.875
    2. Device: H: 3.125 W: 4.5

Device on Ebay

If needed, below is a link to another radio clock device page simular to the RCA RCR8622.

RCA RP3715A Repair

An operating guide to a similar model of RCA alarm clock radio is linked below.

Operating RCA RP520 Dual Alarm Clock

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