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Background and Identification

This laptop can be identified by the Toshiba on the top cover and the manufacturer tags on the bottom. The manufacturer tags on the bottom should help to identify the make and model of the laptop as well as the parts number, serial number, and other information about specific parts of the laptop. The Satellite line includes a variety of models, with the specific C55-A5286 model featuring an Intel Core i3 (3rd Gen) Dual Core 3 MB processor for 64-bit computing and the Intel HD Graphics 4000 display. Other specifications include a 16 GB DDR3 SD Random Access Memory (RAM) and a 48 Watt-hour 6-cell lithium ion battery that lasts up to 4 hours. It uses an AC 120/130 V (50/60 Hz) input AC adapter to provide a 65 Watts, 19 Volts, and 3.42 Amps to the laptop to charge the battery. Including a camera, microphone, speakers, and DVD drive capabilities, this laptop proved to be popular amongst the population wanting a sturdy laptop to provide an array of general uses.


If you are having device problems, please visit Toshiba’s official troubleshooting guide here: Troubleshooting Assistant

Additional Information

Toshiba Support Page

The Toshiba Support Page is a great place to find official information regarding Toshiba laptops.

Satellite Toshiba Satellite C55-A5286 Knowledge Base

The Toshiba Knowledge Base is one of the best places to find information regarding this specific laptop including user guides and updates.

Laptop Power Jack Repair Video

This YouTube video provides a step-by-step process of the laptop’s power jack repair, should this be an issue that you encounter.

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