Es werden einige allgemeine Werkzeuge verwendet, um an diesem Gerät zu arbeiten. Du wirst nicht jedes Werkzeug für jeden Vorgang benötigen.

For troubleshooting the Toshiba Satellite Click, right click the link below.

Toshiba Satellite Click PC/Tablet Troubleshooting

The Toshiba Satellite Click came out in the year 2013 and there were a lot of problems and complaints about the product. Customers are unhappy with the battery life, speed, and size of the product overall. Another problem with the computer is its keyboard. The keyboard is flimsy and overall does not feel very good and comfortable. In 2014, Toshiba came out with an updated version of this product called the Satellite Click 2. It is much more comfortable and reliable. The product also runs faster and has higher clarity and picture definition.

To determine whether your device is the Toshiba Satellite Click, there are a few features that you should look for. One is there is a sliding switch on the top of the keyboard right under the tablet portion to unlock tablet from keyboard. Also, on the bottom of the keyboard, it says Toshiba Satellite Click.

Below you will find links for additional customer support and troubleshooting for your computer

Toshiba Website



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