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The Toshiba SatelliteP775-S7320 is a second generation Intel Core i7 laptop. It’s dimensions are 16.3’’x10.8’’x1.4’’ and it weighs 6.61 lbs. This device includes HD display and a Blue-ray DVD drive, as well as features 4G WiMAX Wireless Technology, Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0. Some common issues found in this device include: random shut off, keyboard malfunction, and black/blue screen.

The following links have been found to be helpful for people who experience trouble with this device. This page is the device page on Toshiba's website and can help answer specific user questions. This page offers a lot of additional information about the device. This video shows a clear representation of how to disassemble this device. This can be helpful in the repair process.

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