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Troubleshooting ¶ 

Uniden Cordless Phone Troubleshooting Guide

Background and Identification ¶ 

'The Uniden Digital Answering System D3097S Cordless phone has an amplified audio up to over a 30 decibel boost that provides a very clean and crisp sound, and wide range for the wireless connectivity. The big button design makes this device very easy to maneuver and comfortable in the hand. A visual ringer is present on the handset and base, showcased through a white back lit scalable font LCD. There is adjustable audio tones with a silent mode that silences all incoming calls and ringers, and a phone-book that stores up to 100 contacts. The phone will store up to the last 50 received calls into the caller ID, and can redial up to 5 most recent calls. There are no known recalls for this device, but there are a few reviews stating that the phone only lasted for up to six months. With that being said, a vast majority of reviews had nothing but great things to say about the device.'

Additional Information ¶ 

For a very helpful website for purchasing, descriptions of the device, and reviews go to Amazon

101phones provides great information about the device and is worth reading.

Sears is a great source for information and reviews.

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