Software Dev Lead

Lead our software team into the future — and beyond.

A project manager's primary goal is to keep fellow team members free of obstacles that could impair their work. iFixit's dev leads aren't "in charge" - instead, with project management tools, tremendous empathy, and team-wide communication, they're the life-saving handhold in the hurricane of software development. Dev leads make sure no stone is left unturned, no checklist is left ignored, and no deadline is missed or rushed.

The software team responsible for and Dozuki is looking for a talented full-time dev lead to help us coordinate our agile software pipeline. Working for a small company on a tight-knit team is a chance to manifest your creativity in a way that will make a big difference in the final product. You will work closely with leads and stakeholders from every department to define feature delivery strategies. You'll align those same teams in communicating needs, building execution pipelines, and shipping a coordinated experience across all mediums.

Responsibilities ¶ 

  • Drive the completion of projects and make communications and organization happen
  • Own the development of both daily and long-term scheduling
  • Communicate frequently with other team leads on project status, risks, and opportunities
  • Lead project scheduling, resource allocation, budgeting, setting appropriate priorities, task tracking, and problem solving
  • Evangelize efficient processes and policies to team leadership and internal support organizations
  • Create and maintain a creative environment, resolve personnel challenges, motivate qualified developers, serve as custodian of team health, and foster a culture of success

Requirements ¶ 

  • Minimum 2 years' software development experience in a production role
  • Background in computer science or a related field
  • Able to communicate effectively with programming, design, and business personnel
  • Experience working successfully in a role supporting multiple teams
  • Exceptional verbal and written communications skills
  • Able to facilitate and mediate between members of the various internal teams and external customers
  • Unrelenting self-motivation and initiative

Please do not apply unless you have extensive software programming experience. Our development team is led by developers.

To apply: Make a PDF of your resume, as well as a short cover letter explaining two things: why you're badass, and why you're the ideal candidate for this job. Include a link to a software project that you've built.

Apply here.

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