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Essential Electronics Toolkit - Refurbished



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Get your Essential Electronics Toolkit at a discount by choosing to buy Refurbished. All our refurbished toolkits have been thoroughly checked for missing or damaged bits and tools—and any less-than-perfect component has been replaced. Most of our "refurbished" items are simply legacy toolkits that were returned to us out of their packaging with no signs of wear or use. Best of all, these toolkits are covered by iFixit's Lifetime Warranty.

Choose between "Legacy" and "Current" versions.

Current Version Includes

Legacy Version Includes

Can't tell the difference? The Current version has a plastic driver instead of aluminum driver and includes a Tri-Point Y000 instead of Phillips 2.


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My phone was shutting itself off even when it showed higher than a 50% charge. This prompted me to use a battery-monitoring app and discover the battery capacity was less than a third of its original capacity. These two factors combined convinced me the battery needed replacing.

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