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iPad Pro 10.5" iFixit Exclusives

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The iPad Pro 10.5" replaces the 2016 iPad Pro 9.7". The Pro 10.5" features an A10X processor, support for the Apple Pencil, and a 4-speaker audio setup.

The 10.5" iPad Pro sports a larger screen, but has similar physical dimensions and weight to the iPad Pro 9.7". Compared to the 9.7", the 10.5" has a faster processor, an upgraded screen with an adaptive refresh rate, and a higher quality camera borrowed from the iPhone 7.

The most common repairs for the 10.5 inch iPad Pro are replacing a cracked front glass screen or a dead battery. The iPad Pro 10.5" front glass panel is held to the aluminum case with strips of adhesive. Once the device is opened, this adhesive will need to be replaced.

The iPad Pro 10.5" earned a 2 out of 10 in iFixit's repairability assessment. Watch the Teardown Review for more: