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iPod Touch repair: What I should have done.

jlarson -

Mein Problem

My daughter dropped her iPod touch and cracked the digitizer.

Meine Reparatur

I first went online and ordered a new digitizer for it. I watched a video on youtube. I thought I had a 2nd generation iPod. I was unable to pop the clips holding the screen in. Since the screen was cracked I just kind of pried it out. After looking at the parts I decided that this was not a 2nd generation it must be a 3rd generation. I ordered more parts. I had not even recieved the parts when after watching more videos on repairing them that decided it was a 4rth generation. I ordered more parts and a metal spudger. I did not wait for the spudger and preceded with a knife. I managed to break a wire on the volume control and on the speaker. I was beginning to worry, then without warning the camera fell out into my hand confirming that I had probably fixed this ipod beyond repair. I now have parts for a 2nd, 3rd and 4th gen iPod touch and the right tools to do it. I am confident that I could be successful.

Mein Rat

What I have learned from this is to make sure of what you have before you try to fix it. Make sure you have the right tools and good advice like those from ifixit.com.

Metal Spudger Bild
Metal Spudger


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