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PS3 Slim not starting

mattdemark -

Mein Problem

My house was struck by lightening a few months back. Fortunatly, insurance did replace the system, but I wanted to see if I could fix the broken one.

Meine Reparatur

I used the Ifixit PS3 Slim teardown to take the system completely aprat. I was hoping that maybe it would be a power supply or AC connector that went bad. however, the lightening seemed to travel through the network cable and went to town on the board leaving the PS3 nothing but a big pile of garbage. I was able to take the HDD out though and format it so it will be a nice 120GB replacment if I ever need it.

Mein Rat

I still attempted to put the system back together even though it was trashed. I would advise labeling the screws, I had two extra silver screws at the end but it wasn't a big deal being that I am going to throw the system away.

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