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Worked!!! But I needed smaller FINGERS

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iPod Touch 5th Generation

iPod Touch 5th Generation Display Assembly Replacement

iPod Touch 5th Generation Display Assembly Replacement

45 Minuten - 2 Stunden


Mein Problem

Completely shattered glass

Meine Reparatur

First off, the suction cups plan for removing the glass is flawed when there are a million pieces from the accidental drop. You should include instructions for piece by piece broken glass removal. OK, then all went fine. But the re-connecting of that smallest of data ribbons took 45 minutes of re-try, re-try, re-try. I was wishing I had my 3 y.o. grandson's tiny fingers. Very tight & precise task. Then, my soul reason for purchasing the camera kite was because the glass lens was broken.... but it's not included in the iFixit purchase?

Mein Rat

If your glass is shattered in many pieces, don't waste time with the stupid suction cup tool. Just warm up with the hair dryer and start prying the many pieces out. Also, be prepared for a struggle re-connecting the smaller (middle) data ribbon onto the back of the LCD... especially if you have large clumsy auto mechanic fingers. Calls for patience and deep breathing. Other than that it's a smooth simple job.

iPod touch (5th Gen) Screen Bild
iPod touch (5th Gen) Screen


iPod touch (5th Gen) Rear Camera Bild
iPod touch (5th Gen) Rear Camera


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