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iPhone 5s vs Concrete Floor

Ed Freeman -

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s Rear Facing Camera Replacement

iPhone 5s Rear Facing Camera Replacement

20 - 45 Minuten


Mein Problem

This time of year my hands are very dry and, foolishly, I was holding my phone while lifting a product from the shelf at Home Depot. My phone hit the concrete on the corner next to the rear facing camera(the one with the flash) as evidenced by the dent in the protective case. At that point the camera was very unreliable. the preview looked over exposed most of the time if there was any image at all and the shutter release mostly didn't work. Once about every 20 times attempting to take a picture the camera would function properly. The forward facing camera was also effected, but not to such a great extent, only about a 50% failure rate. I decided to replace the rear facing camera, but my fear was that the problem might be related to something other than the camera module because both cameras were effected by the accident.

Meine Reparatur

I went ahead with the rear facing camera replacement and that solved all of the problems. I have some experience opening and working on iPhones, my bride sent her 5c through the laundry and I attempted to bring it back to life, so opening the phone was not new to me. I do not have a proper suction cup to open the case, but with a single edge razor blade inserted along the bottom edge of the phone to lift the glass, a spudger and with great care the phone opens easily. The iSclack looks like a pretty cool tool.

Mein Rat

I used a lighted magnifying glass on a stand and I'm not sure I could have done this repair without it. Suffice to say, it would have taken me a lot longer. I wish my fingers were a bit smaller, the connectors seem to go back together better when I can feel them snapping into place. I would caution that the screws holding down the cover plates are extremely small and require a very gental touch when you are replacing them, I think it would be very easy to over tighten them and strip the threads. While I was in the phone, I took some time to clean out dust and took special care to make sure there was no dirt where the camera lives. I would also suggest that the ribbon cable on the camera module be pre-bent to mimic the cable on the old camera before installing. Be careful not to touch the lens on your new camera.

All-in-all this was a great experience.

iPhone 5s Rear Camera Bild
iPhone 5s Rear Camera


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